Yummy and Tummy – Stop it NOW 1

Pet Peeve Alert – Adults who use the words yummy and tummy.  For some reason, I hear more and more adults who seem to think that it is ok to use these terms in a regular conversation with another adult.  Why?  Can you really not think of a better descriptor for food than yummy?  Do you actually get a tummy ache at 40 years old?  Please stop now.

Here are the rules for yummy and tummy.

Q: When Can I Say Tummy?
A: Only when speaking to a child under the age of 10.  That’s it.

Q: When Can I Say Yummy
A: You can’t if you are older than 6.

You are banned from these words if you have ever:

  1. Viewed another adult in lingere, underwear, or their yummy yummy birthday suit
  2. Driven a car
  3. Watched the news
  4. Read a book that wasn’t Golden
  5. Voted or forgot to vote
  6. Shaved any part of your body
  7. Paid for a ticket to the zoo
  8. Went to a restaurant and did not sit in a booster seat

Are we clear about this?  Food is not yummy and does not give you a tummy ache.  Food can be delicious, fantastic, scrumptious, appetizing, or even the best fucking meal I have ever eaten, but it cannot be yummy.

Check out this loser on Amazon reviewing a product.  Inspires trust right?  They probably bought the label maker to label the yummy Fruity Pebbles they are having for breakfast.


One comment on “Yummy and Tummy – Stop it NOW

  1. Reply Roger Mar 22,2015 9:21 pm

    Thank you for putting this out there.
    I’ve recently increased efforts to cook meals from scratch. As I search the net for recipes that may recreate the prepared foods that I usually buy, I’ll find recipes that are described as you wrote about above; “yummy” and I’m beginning to get such a vile reaction!
    I was hoping I wasn’t the only one. I left pre-school many decades ago. I do like to have fun, but let’s please put these childhood terms behind us in adult communications, and offer meaningful expressions.

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