You Should be Reading Grantland

My favorite new website, has launched.  If you aren’t stopping by on a daily basis, you are truly missing some of the finest writing online these days. is the brain child of Bill Simmons, knows as the Sports Guy.  Bill has long been my writing idol.  I read Bill and one of his 3,000 word columns and feel like I am with a group of my friends sitting around and talking sports.

In recent years, Bill has expanded his writing with a podcast series called the BS Report.  I love the BS Report because they talk about lots of topic outside sports and the guests are always good.  Bill also was a producer on the amazing 30 for 30 documentary series on ESPN.  When I heard a few months ago that Bill was launching a website, I couldn’t wait.  Then the news got better.  One of the chief guys on the site is Chuck Klosterman.  If you haven’t discovered Chuck yet, you are in for a treat.  His books on music and pop culture are pretty amazing, but here Chuck is even better.  He has very interesting opinions on sports, but he asks some incredible questions.  The topics are amazing.

Grantland (named for the original sports writer) is filled daily with real reads from great writers.  These aren’t fluff pieces on sports, they are real pieces of entertainment.  I can’t wait for each day because there is always something interesting and I actually get to use my brain while reading.

Grantland is a multi-time per day visit, and I always carve out half-an-hour or so each night for real reading.

Bravo for doing something risky and taking a real chance.  Writers writing exactly how they want and what they want.  What a concept, and I love it.

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