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I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago telling you guys about the death of another Xbox 360.  I promised an update on the resolution of my “Red Rings of Death” problem with my console.  I have some great customer service to report.  Here’s the running diary.

1.  Registered my console on the Microsoft website.  The warranty has been extended because of my last issue.

2.  I was directed to print a shipping label.  I couldn’t get the label to display in any browser.

3.  A call to support and they mailed me out a label.

4.  The label came in about a week.

5.  I boxed up the console and sent took it to a local UPS store.

6.  The repair center is within driving distance so it arrived overnight.

7.  The repair was done in 1 day.

8.  The console was back in my hands today, 1 day later.

9.  The package contained a free month of Xbox Live.  Nice. 

A very positive experience.  Good job, Microsoft.  I appreciate that you learned from past mistakes.

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