Xbox 360 Blow’d up Again

A XBOX 360 showing the Ring of Death.
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I am going to complain about the second death of an Xbox 360 console in less than 2 years.  I am not a hardcore gamer.  In fact, other than Battlefield Bad Company, I would probably be embarrassed to disclose the games I play.  (Viva Pinata and the sequel both rock, in case you are interested.)  I do like to relieve a little stress with some online fragging after everyone in the house is fast asleep, though.  As I mentioned, I’ve had my Xbox 360 about 2 years.  I was victimized by the Ring of Death last year.  Now, this weekend it is back — the 3 flashing red DEATH RINGS.

In fairness, the last time this happened, I heard very bad things about the way Microsoft was handling these problems.  I read stories of people sending off their Xbox and it not returning for months and months.  Luckily, when I contacted Microsoft, I was given a shipping label, told where to take the box, and I received it back fully repaired in less than 3 weeks.

So here we are again.  I am not so worried this time because of my positive experience last time (and the generous 3 year extension of my warranty).  I will say we’re off to a bit of a rocky start this time, however.  I registered the console for repair on the site, went to print the shipping label, and it repeatedly comes up blank.  Support has been contacted. 

I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Until then, today’s upside of the day:  we have a Wii. 

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