Words, Words, Words

Communication.  You can read a thousand books, attend seminars, or sit in HR classes learning ways to “effectively” communicate in the workplace.  As someone who spans multiple disciplines which are all about communication, I believe that most communication failures come down to a simple concept:  words, words, words.

You say toemaytoe and I say toemahtoe.  The truth is, you shouldn’t just “call the whole thing off,” as the song says.  The two tomatoes have to find a way to work together and come to a common understanding.  It is easy for those of us on my side of the fence to go crazy with technical terms, acronyms, and industry jargon.  I have sat in rooms with customers and observed the moment where people check out.  I don’t know what that means. I know that’s what they’re thinking; I have been there before.  Nobody wants to ask what something means when they are convinced they are the only one in the room who is uneducated.  Who wants to look like an idiot in front of their boss? The question isn’t asked, the basic concept is a failure.  We leave wondering why we didn’t make a sale, and the client wonders why we came in the first place.

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Look at this Direct Message I received on Twitter.  I will leave out the picture, but it makes this even funnier.  The guy is, let’s say, matureHeidi Montag, he was not.  Actually, he wasn’t even creepy Spencer Pratt.

Glad we hooked up. How did you find me anyways? How long have you been doing Social Media? I’ve been at it only about one year.

Maybe I have been beat down by too many episodes of The Hills, but “hooking up” would get me in some serious domestic trouble.

It’s just words.  I, of course, understand he’s talking about our warm Twitter friendship.  That might not be so apparent to someone passing behind me and glancing at the monitor.

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