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We have a Wii console that the whole family enjoys.  The new game, Wii Sports Resort, is especially fun for us all.  My 4 and 6 year-olds love the sword play games.  Not sure what that says about me as a parent, but better to take out frustration virtually!  I will brag a bit and tell you that I own the 3-point contest. 

When the Wii has an update available, the front of the console pulses with a blue light.  A couple of days ago, while walking through the living room, I noticed the glow.  A couple of days passed before I remembered the pulsing light, and late last night I decided to check out the update.  I must admit, I was pretty happy to see the new feature.

The Wii Internet Channel is something I have seen before in the Wii marketplace (or whatever they call the place you spend money).  I have never been willing to spend any extra coin on this without having a glimpse.  Honestly, I never gave much thought to the concept.  This week’s update was the Wii Internet Channel, free of charge.  How could I resist free?  Let the download begin.  I have to tell you, the Internet Channel is a very cool and useful application for my “kid friendly” console.

The Wii is equipped with an internal Opera browser.  I fired up the old Internet Channel and there we were.  A real browser that displays Web pages fantastically.  It was pretty easy to navigate with my Wii remote, and it does accept a USB keyboard.  I may be getting one of those dedicated to the console…  I am a technology geek and have thought for a long time about hooking up a media computer to our TV.  I know there are good options like a Mac Mini and shuttle PC’s out there today.  You can stream content from Windows to the Xbox 360, but I’ve found that a bit over-complicated.  The fact that my wife has vetoed the living room computer may have just a tiny bit to do with my decision, too.

This works pretty darn well.  Sitting on the sofa watching TV, and within a couple of clicks, I am checking email, sports scores, or anything else I need.  The “favorites” system is easy to use and very efficient.  If I had known this was so useful, I would have paid for it months ago.  If you have a Wii sitting around, fire it up and check out someupside.com on your big screen.  Talk about upside.

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