What’s Your…Shower Number?

A few years ago, I bought a new shower head.  It was a Delta faucet that has an LED display in it that shows the water temperature, and changes colors with the water temperature.  It wasn’t a crazy thought out process, I need a new shower head, and that one looked pretty cool.  It turns out that this was a very interesting purchase.

I 100%, have a “shower number”, and that is 110 degrees.  If it gets to 111, it’s uncomfortable.  If it is 108 or less, it starts to feel a little cold.  It’s weird that I have a specific temperature that I like so much.  It turns out that in my family, my shower number is a lot less than everyone else.  My kids like the water much hotter than me.  My wife likes the water hotter.  If it gets to 112, I feel like it is scalding me.  There must be some medical explanation of why I am so much more sensitive to the water temperature.

Do you have a shower number?  I am curious to know if anyone else out there loves a silly shower temperature display as much as I do?

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