What’s Wrong with People?

Here’s one of those stories that makes you scratch your head.  It all starts innocently enough, with a few friends out for a good time.

Here is a quote from the WSBTV article:  Five actresses and a cameraman from the CW show “The Vampire Diaries” were arrested and charged after police said the actresses were dangling off a Georgia overpass and flashing drivers.

So far, so good right?  Wrong.  The good citizens of Georgia decide to put an end to this madness.

“Several drivers called 911 on Aug. 22 to report seeing the young women flashing drivers on I-75 from the side of the Rumble Road overpass just north of Macon.”

SEVERAL drivers?  On second thought, you guys are right.  We must stop this delinquent behavior at all costs.

Here they are.  Aren’t you glad these evil flashers are behind bars where they belong?  I don’t even have to explain the upside to this one 🙂


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