What’s the Saddest Movie You’ve Ever Seen? 1

A recent study by a couple of psychology professors attempted to come up with the saddest movie ever.  The “winner” was The Champ with Jon Voight.  I don’t know about that, I can think of some much sadder movies than this one.  Just a few I might nominate. (The winner for me is “Saving Private Ryan”, you cry coming and going)

1.  Saving Private Ryan
2.  Dead Poet’s Society
3.  Brian’s Song
4.  Bambi
5.  Million Dollar Baby
6.  Titanic
7.  Life is Beautiful
8.  Glory
9.  Old Yeller
10.  Schindler’s List

So what do you think?  What movie drives you to tears?

One comment on “What’s the Saddest Movie You’ve Ever Seen?

  1. Reply Brooke Jan 13,2012 10:54 pm

    the saddest movie i’ve ever seen is Artificial Intelligence.

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