What the Hell is Going On?

There are just days when you wonder what’s happening to the world we live in.  I guess this is just one of those times.

We have the terrible bombing in Boston.  Hopefully we’re close to finding the person who is responsible for this.  BTW, as I see the coverage unfold, it is amazing the pictures that are coming through and the cell phone coverage that is at any event.  Everything we do these days is probably covered by some video.  That’s both good and bad, but amazing to see in real life.

We also have the letters sent to the Senator and President Obama that were laced with Ricin.  Who sent these letters?  Were they related to the Boston case?  Are the letters related to North Korea?  IF you remember how scary the anthrax letters were shortly after 9/11, this is an unnerving situation.

Locally, here in Texas the case that made national news when a prosecutor and now the DA and his wife were killed has come to a head.  The wife of an ex justice of the peace has confessed to being the trigger woman for these killings.

What the hell?  Can’t we just all get along?  It’s time for some good news.

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