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Why do we continue to allow the news media to keep pretending that fracking is not dangerous.  Let’s see, fracking has caused earthquakes in places where there should be no earthquakes.  Fracking shoots poison into the ground where water comes from.  Fracking causes changes in the water table that make some people’s swimming pools come out of the ground.

Fracking is fracking dangerous and has to be stopped.  A Texas media outlet reports a “shocking” story out of Wyoming.  Fracking may have made poeple sick? 

Grow a pair media.  It’s time for this to stop.  By the way, I haven’t noticed many Americans driving cars that use natural gas.  I haven’t seen any money from this fracking, and I bet you haven’t either.  The only people benifitting are the energy companies and they don’t give a damn about you and me.

PAVILION, Wyo. – On the mountainous Wind River Indian Reservation in western Wyoming, cattle grazing in a valley share space with more than a hundred gas wells.

Pumps puff and click, like alarm clocks for long-time farmers and ranchers who wait for their Thursday deliveries from the Big Horn water truck.

The driver stacks up pyramids of five-gallon bottles at 19 stops. Encana Corporation, an energy company, provides the water.

It’s the only way disabled veteran Louis Meeks can stay on the land he bought back in the 1970’s, when his water wells pumped sweet life into the place.

No more. It gives off a pungent, petroleum smell.

The EPA told Meeks and other families not to drink it, and to ventilate bathrooms while showering. Meeks says Wyoming’s governor recoiled when he got a whiff a few days before News 8’s visit. Meeks thinks the water killed some of his chickens. He’s afraid to let his granddaughter near it, or even wash her clothes in it.

His neighbor, Jeff Locker, says doctors as far away as Denver have been unable diagnose his wife’s strange illness.

“My wife got really sick six years ago,” Locker said. “Extreme neuropathy. She describes it as someone sticking knives through her shin bones.”

The EPA found high levels of toxic contaminants in a monitoring well just yards from Locker’s own water well.

He pulls out a blackened filter from his waterline. “This has been in about a week,” he said.

The EPA says chemicals in the monitoring wells are consistent with fracking fluids. But the study has yet to undergo peer review, and the drilling company strongly refutes the EPA’s conclusions and methodology.

For many residents, though, the EPA tests confirm their worst fears, and vindicate years of requests for a government investigation.

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    We’re from the Oil Companies and we have nothing but your best interests in mind.

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