What is Upside?

When I finally decided I was going to take the plunge and start my own Web site, I was thinking through a list of names and possibilities.  I figured it should be something that was broad enough to cover everything I wanted to talk about, and it also had to be a reflection of my personality and the way I look at the world.  I brainstormed names that I thought had some potential.  I was disappointed to find out that my ideas were already taken.  Have you ever heard of any of these sites:  Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, and Facebook?  Who knew?

That’s when I started thinking about the concept of “upside” as a possibility.  I am a huge NBA fan, and that’s where I was first exposed to the “upside” concept.  In the last decade, there was a huge infusion of high school age kids declaring for the NBA draft.  Scouts, analysts, and talking heads didn’t know how to judge these players.  Who can tell if a 17-year old kid playing ball in front of 500 people in a tiny high school gym can stand up to a Boston crowd in June?  You never know what is going to happen when you hand an 18-year old kid 15 million dollars.  Is he going to spend all his money on candy bars, Xbox games, and Scarface posters?  Will the posse take up permanent residence Cheech and Chong style?  To deal with our own fears about these decisions, we started to talk about players “upside.”  The best case scenario, if all the stars align and he isn’t a knucklehead, is the upside.  “This kid has tremendous upside” became the “one game at a time” for the new millennium.

That brings me back to this Web site.  I love things with upside.  I seem to gravitate towards challenges that, with a lot of hard work, can pay off big.  Email Marketing, Social Networking, the Twitter explosion, a new book, or turning an online marketing program around are all things with upside.  Why do something if you don’t have the chance to do something great?  This doesn’t mean I am some kind of glass half-full guy, because I am anything but.  Being the “Upside” guy means you are competitive, like to be challenged, always want to win, and just generally prove the world wrong.

I hope you enjoy the site, and the “upside” I will be bringing to the table.  I’ll try to share some secrets I have learned over the last decade in the business world, my hottest of sports opinions, my take on some books I have read, and hopefully some humor.

See you on the “upside.”

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