What Is Internet?

We’ve come a long way baby.  I can’t imagine our lives today without the greatness that is the internets, but here in 1994 is a pretty darn eye-popping video.  It’s the Today show back in the day.  There’s Bryant Gumbel before he got comfortable, and Katie Couric with a truly heinous haircut asking  the question.  “What is internet”?  Internet…singular, no the, just internet.

They debate how to Pronounce “@” and can’t grasp what anyone would use it for.  They go on for about a minute and a half talking about “electronic billboards” and “communicating with someone”.  Crazy

I think the video is pretty cool because it shows us a pretty good example of some plugged in folks not having a clue.  A mere 17 years later, our refrigerators are wired.  To make this story just a bit more silly, NBC has reportedly fired the person who found this video.  Of course, this is the network who brought back Jay Leno.  My money says he still doesn’t know “what is internet”.


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