WFAA Gets It Wrong

Here’s a piece of an article that appeared on last week.  WFAA is the local ABC affiliate in Dallas/Forth Worth Texas.  This is a sad story about a woman who was the mayor of a local city here in the area.  She lost her husband to cancer in 2008, and has had major finincial difficulties the last few years.  She used a city credit card to make personal purchase the past few months.  Recently, she shot and killed her 18 year-old daughter and then killed herself.

This story has really had an impact on me.  More and more details make this more and more tragic.  So many families go through bad times, it’s really sad they didn’t get help.  You can look at this many ways, but they all end the same.

COPPELL – The City of Coppell has released video of a man who left an envelope of cash amounting to $10,000 with a typed note asking for the money to reimburse the city for any and all credit card charges of Jayne Peters.

Peters shot and killed her daughter then herself earlier this month.

The city said it had received requests about surveillance footage but had previously replied that it didn’t have any video.

“While re-verifying this, at around mid-morning today it was brought to our attention by an IT employee that we have been recording video for a citywide AV initiative including the camera that is located in the front lobby of Town Center,” said Sharon Logan, the community information officer in an e-mail.

More information has come out about this story since this article.  The name of the person who “ANONYMOUSLY” donated this money was released.  I don’t understand the fascination from the local news media to get this person’s name.  If this was a friend of yours and they did something bad like this lady certainly did, is it so out of the realm of possibility that you might want to help put things back together?  Why do we need to know the identity of this person?  Why does WFAA invoke FOI laws to get this video?

I am ashamed of the news media.  This isn’t Access Hollywood, and at a certain point we don’t need every single detail.  Shame on you WFAA for this story.

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