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I read an article last night on CNN that made me so angry that I couldn’t see straight.  I don’t know why it surprised me that the piece of garbage lowlifes from the “Westboro Baptist Church” were planning to picket the funerals of the victims of the Arizona shootings.  That’s the degenerates from Westboro will be picketing the funeral of a 9 year-old because her family is Roman Catholic.

I know it isn’t news that these people are idiots.  I know it very much disturbed me to hear about these plans.  What makes someone posses so much hatred?  Why doesn’t everyone of us show up and do something about these guys? Why, why why?  I would give up every right to freedom of speech that I have just to know these bastards would never torture some poor family again. If this is “free speech” then I don’t want it.

I was pleased to see today that the State of Arizona today passed an emergency law that prohibits picketing funerals within 300 feet.  Kudos to Arizona to getting together and getting this passed.  How terribly sad that this had to happen at all.

I hope in my heart that we somehow come out of this mess with a new look on what we’re doing.  Life is precious above everything else.  There’s no blame or excuses here.  We should just be thankful we get the opportunity to spend another day with our friends and family.  There’s no time to be preying on the grief of others.

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