Via Con Dios Corey Haim

We lost one of the greats last night, as Corey Haim passed away at the tender age of 38.  Corey starred in some of the best movies of our generation.  He was regarded as a fine actor and even finer humanitarian.  Yeah, none of that is true.  I don’t think it is possible for me to be less shocked at his death.  Corey Haim is just another 80’s child actor gone horribly wrong.  I’m sure he’s getting settled in his apartment in the sky with new roomie Dana Plato.

How pissed off do you think Corey Feldman is this morning?  His only real shot to have a career was his show “The Two Coreys” and now that’s shot to hell.  Maybe there’s a chance that Corey Haim will be cremated, and Corey Feldman can just tote around the urn.  The show has the potential to be pretty interesting.  Imagine as Feldman carts around and talks to the ashes all the time.  Now that’s reality television.

My take on some of Corey Haim’s classic roles.

The Lost Boys – This was the big one.  I hate to say it, but I hate this movie.  It was stupid then, and it was stupid now.  My wife loves this pile of cinema garbage.  It does have an interesting cast, filled with people who went on to have actual careers.  I ‘ll bet Kiefer Sutherland is proud of this one.

Lucas – I think this is Corey’s best movie.  It’s classic nerd gets beat up, nerd makes friend, nerd wants more, nerd gets crushed.  The movie does work, and it’s almost watchable today.  If you haven’t seen this one in a while (or ever), you should check out the cast.  Charlie Sheen, Winona Ryder, Jeremy Piven, and Courtney Thorne-Smith are all in the movie.

Blown Away – This is the apex of the reign of the Coreys.  What a crazy film.  It’s a mystery/thriller/murder/erotic festival all rolled into one movie.  It’s also pretty high on the unintentional comedy scale.  You’ll love the Coreys acting like gangsters, but looking all of 15.  You also know now that Corey Feldman is leaving the set to go and snuggle in with his bunk mate Michael Jackson.   The Coreys battle for the vixen affections of the great Nicole Eggert.  Not to go all Mr. Skin on you, but there is a NE nude scene (unfortunately that also means naked Feldman), but you can’t have it all!

I think the words of a couple of fellow icons from the 80’s are most appropriate here as we say farewell:

Via Con Dios Dude

Another one bites the dust…

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