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Verizon sucks, point period.  The lack of customer service is staggering.  The ancient weight of their bad business model is killing progress.   Technology is great, we’re leaps and bounds above where we were even five years ago.  It’s amazing the power that I have in my living room today.  I can work from anywhere and the level of computing power available is unreal.  There’s one fly in this ointment, and that’s the fact that we still are forced to go through antiquated telco companies like Verizon.  When are these guys going to get it?  Even more important, when are we going to tell them to shove it?

Here’s my tale of woe.  I’ve had a Verizon Fios account for two years in my home.  I signed a two year contract for the service. (Contracts should be gone by now as well)  My Fios account handles my phone, internet, and television.  I have paid about $215/month for those two years.  Well recently my contract was up, and I received a letter in the mail telling me that I could expect my bill to increase by about $30/month.

I do have another local option for service.  I talked to the local company who could get my close to the same internet, same phone service, and a few more TV channels for about $180/month.  I decided to cut ties with Fios. (In retrospect, this would have been the right move)  I called to cancel the Fios account and was sent to the retention department.  They cut me a great deal.  I was offered faster internet, the same TV, and a new digital phone service that  had many more features and could avoid some taxes that went along with the standard line.  I would also receive some magical monthly credits that would bring the cost to $142/month total.  I bit on the offer.  Money is money, and who can’t use $40 a month?  I honestly just put the fact that I had been overpaying by $75/month out of my mind, even though that really should be an issue.  You are never valuable to these guys until you are quitting.

Fast forward to today.  My digital voice service was scheduled to be installed today.  We awoke to a cell phone call from family informing us that our number had been disconnected.  Service has been down all day today, even though we were never informed that this was going to be the case.  I called this afternoon and got a big bunch of we don’t know what’s going on.  My wife spoke with the technical department tonight and they promised her that it would be fixed within two hours.  Three hours later, still not working.  I call back, not happy and have been sent straight to hold hell.  Here’s the sequence:

  • Customer Service 1 (4 minutes on hold) – Looks like the order is just “stuck”.  Stuck?  What does that mean.  It must be a billing issue, let me get you to them.
  • Billing (12 minutes on hold) – I don’t know what’s going on, it’s showing to be stuck.  The network people have the ticket, so it is showing it will be done by tomorrow.  That’s unacceptable, why should I be out of phone service and forced to use my own cell phone minutes?  I can’t give you any kind of credit until it is resolved.  When will that be?  I have no idea, I can try and get you to the network department.
  • Network 1 (10 minutes on hold) – Sorry this department does not service your state
  • Network 2 (12 minutes on hold) – This is a billing issue, it just needs to be provisioned and will be done by 5:00 PM tomorrow.  Holy shit, 5:00 tomorrow????  I can try and get the provisioning guys on the line for you.  I have now been waiting for over 30 minutes because nobody in that department is picking up.

Why did I agree to go back?  I was out, and they pulled me back in.

Why does a cell phone cost $150/month after you get a voice plan of more than 30 minutes a month and a data plan needed to support any nice phones like a DROID or an iPhone?  You can get cheaper service, but you lose out on the technology.  Why does AT&T get away with charging for data plans by the MB.  Losing these limits of bandwidth and hours is what allowed the internet technologies to advance to where they are today.

It’s time to cut the cord.  We’ve got to get loose.  Verizon, you suck that’s all there is to it.  I’m not important to you, and neither is my $2,000 + every year.  What a way to run a business.


After more than an hour on hold, I was told that a network engineer would contact me within 20 minutes.  The call never came.

Today, Verizon contacted me via Twitter, and tell me they are checking on it.  Good for the contact, bad because nothing has happened.

Here’s my latest status.  I love that is says on schedule because today is the 9th, not the 8th and it is still not complete as of 3:00 PM CST.

10 thoughts on “Verizon Sucks And I’m A Sucker

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  2. Reply Kevin Senne Jun 9,2010 9:59 am

    Update: More than 1 hour on the phone last night, no resolution. I was told the network guy would expedite and call me back in 20 minutes. I never received another call. This morning the order is only showing 90% complete. No call back as of yet. Steam level at 110%.

  3. Reply Christa Allan Jun 10,2010 12:31 am

    I just file complaints with the BBB and the FCC after Verizon refused to let me out of a contract I’ve only been in for a bit over two months without my paying a $330 early termination fee. They initially told me if they determined it was weak coverage I could cancel without the fee. Like you, I had to contact them twice after their not contacting me when promised. Finally, they tell me, after I’ve had over 50 dropped calls in two months, that I’m in a weak coverage area. BUT since they’re offering me a resolution of a hybrid push until they get the system in place at the end of June, they say they won’t let me out of the contract.

    Is there NO recourse for this rape by cell phone companies???

  4. Reply stacy gilbert Aug 25,2010 11:01 pm

    Not only does Verizon suck but they have a horrible STENCH!!! I’m getting ready to get my credit report and see if they have contacted the credit companies. I won’t be surprised if they have. I just refuse to pay for something I NEVER received. They kept blaming my apt complex regarding the wiring. My complex said that Verizon always send techs out that don’t know what they are doing. So after I went back and forth acting as the middleman between my apt complex and Verizon, they told me they would send another tech out when I paid my bill. Excuse me??? I never received service so what am I paying for? After I closed my account they wanted to tell me my “balance”. The rep was so annoying, “I’ll snap your phone on as soon as you pay that balance. I’ll snap it right on.” I told her the phone was never on. We really need more options for service providers.

  5. Reply Adam Sep 12,2010 8:23 pm

    Wait . . . Verizon has areas with poor coverage? Dropped calls? I call your bluff.

  6. Reply Carol E. Oct 8,2010 4:23 pm

    Well I just finished a rant with Verizon and canceled my service which would have felt pretty good except that apparently NO ONE CARES. After a very nice interaction with Kathy to arrange to have my office phone moved and upgraded to include internet, I set a date for installation between 1 and 5 – asking only that the technician call me ahead so I could be sure to be there. I got there about 50 minutes past one and sat around and on a whim thought to call and check the status after about 1 1/2 hrs. They CLAIMED the tech had been there and hooked it up outside and it would not work. I plugged in my phone…nothing. And the technician was now busy and could maybe come back. Waited some more..called again. Well, he was off but there was one who worked until 7…maybe…so I hung around until 6:30, called again and was treated like I was crazy because there was no record anyone was coming. For the next week I attempted to find a time I could arrange to finish the installation. Here’s the thing. 1. They are inflexible – either you fit into their schedule or tough; 2) they lie and misrepresent: “yes our technician will call 20 minutes ahead” but when I call, they say they don’t even have my cell; 3)They make arrangements they have no intention of keeping. 4) you never talk to the same person twice so you have to go through the whole thing again; 5) even the lowliest phone person seems to be soulless automatons and 6. they take NO responsibility for their errors. After spending another four hours waiting after being told someone was going to call me back, I have had it. I am so out of there. Years ago we switched to Comcast at home because Verizon’s service was so bad. Verizon just SUCKS.

  7. Reply YI Jun 19,2011 5:26 pm

    I’m surprised to see so many people unhappy with verzion. I didn’t have any problem until recently. Switched my landline & wifi from another carrier to verizon. their version of landline is wireless basically. Had I known that I wouldn’t have purchased. When I first called (on 10th day after purchase) with the calls dropped, low wifi signal among other things I TOLD THE REP I SHOULD RETURN THE PRODUCTS BEFORE THE 14 DAY RETURN PERIOD EXPIRE. I was assured I could return the product past the 14 day period as long as I have an open ticket with issues. The rep stated; “WE WILL NOT FORCE OUR CUSTOMERS TO KEEP A PRODUCT THAT DOES NOT WORK”. I confirmed over and over again, if the store will have access to the call log, the record that there is an open ticket , and that there have been issues, etc…the rep said NOT TO WORRY. I did not return the product within 14 days relying on her statement. Now almost a month later with dozen calls to resolve issues (CALLS GET DROPPED, BREAK UP TRANSMISSION, (yes it’s a landline) LOW WIFI SIGNALS) I finally told the rep on the last call that I am returning the product and…..she tells me I can’t return because I went beyond the 14 day return policy…in spite of the assurance the 1st rep gave me MAKING ME STUCK WITH $250 WORTH OF PRODUCTS THAT DO NOT WORK. I asked to speak to the supervisor or his name, she goes, we could not provide you the information due to “security” reasons.

    Is there a “security concern” because VERIZON ROUTINELY SCREWS so many customers??? Apparently so as I’m fouding out …so many website by people who are so upset with their short sighted business practice… keeping the $$$ (a meager $250) today at the expense of consumers dissatisfied with the service/product and jeopardize any future business. I am beyond flabaggasted….

  8. Reply MrTelco1948 Jul 5,2011 8:51 pm

    The truth of the matter can be found in the people who run the company today. They honestly don’t care about customer service. Most of the people running the company were hired right out of college and have zero experience dealing with people and zero knowledge of how a communications company should be managed. I worked for Verizon for 44 years and finally was able to cut the cord and retire. The pressure that is put on employees to produce numbers is unbelievable. They want employees to put 2 pounds of sand in a one pound bag. The one fond memory I have is when the Bell System was intact and functioning like no other company in the world. Customer service truly was the lifeblood of the local companies in the Bell System. Unfortunately, technology caught up with Ma Bell and the people running the company were’nt able to adapt.

  9. Reply Perry Aug 3,2011 10:30 pm

    You know what’s a shame? Once upon a time, Verizon had great customer service. They might have attracted a million people by offering iPhones, but they’re well on their way to losing millions in the end.

    My disgust stemmed from something very simple to correct. Verizon refused to credit back a bogus charge. Because I refused to pay it, my bill was overdue, and I couldn’t upgrade my phone (emergency need after it went through the washing machine). The rep and his supervisor were morons to the max, refusing to credit my account. They actually said, go ahead and upgrade your phone (meaning pay the charge), then they’d be happy to credit me back. Only a fool would believe they would! The supervisor lied and said that his boss wasn’t available. So I told the sup what he can do with himself, and ASAP I’m saying hello to a different wireless carrier. I’m sure Verizon’s corporate offices will be pleased to hear that, after I paid $10K over the last decade, they could have had another $10K from me over the next 10 years — except two morons quibbled over $30 I shouldn’t have to pay.

  10. Reply alan schultz Aug 11,2011 12:16 pm

    I wonder if some of the people venting on this site have gone beyond Verizon’s so-called customer service, that is contacted the FCC and or FTC, and or their state AG’s. These mobs might turn out to be dead ends too, but they might not. Also, have any tried their congressional representatives?

    I do not know that any of the foregoing would work, and if they do, to what extent. Still, with all the problems described, it might be worth a try.

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