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The news regarding Twitter bans is coming at us fast and furiously.  I feel like we should just go out and throw Twitter on the bonfire with Huckleberry Finn.  I am not sure if the Twitter backlash is, in reality, any more or less severe compared to other forms of expression, but it sure seems questionable. 

Let’s recap some recent social media/Twitter bans in the news.

  • NFL – The National Football League bans social media use before, during, and after games.  The league also bans anyone covering the games from in-game Tweeting.  The No Fun League remains aptly named.
  • Texas Tech – Football coach Mike Leach bans his players from EVER using Twitter.  Of course, this has nothing to do with the teams slow start, and the fact that 2 of his players said critical things about him.
  • SEC – The Southeastern Conference, for 24 hours, actually tried to ban all forms of social networking from stadiums.  They published a revised version of the policy the next day.
  • NBA – The National Basketball Association is rolling out what it calls “minimal” guidelines this week for players and teams.

I love the comments by Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, in response to whether he’ll impose Twitter restrictions this season.  He says, “Twitter is just another form of media.  What you say on Twitter is like saying it on ESPN.”  Of course, Mark seems to embrace technology before the masses.

Sports are supposed to be fun.  I thought the plan was for us “regular” people to identify with these high-paid athletes so we wouldn’t feel so bad dumping a week’s salary on tickets, parking, hot dogs, beverages, and a program.  I guess not.

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