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What’s the point of having a corporate Twitter account if you can’t provide good customer service?  Verizon is a perfect example of a company attempting to use social media and failing.  Customer support at Verizon reached out to me via Twitter, yet failed to deliver any kind of support.  This is the second time this exact thing has happened with Verizon.  It’s great that Verizon is on Twitter, it’s also incredibly frustrating for me when they fail so miserably to provide any useful support.

There are some good lessons to be learned from my saga.  Let’s recap my Verizon experience.  If you want to read the whole story in detail, click here.  The basics:

  • I canceled my Verizon Fios account after receiving notification that the price was going up.
  • I called to cancel and was offered a new plan with better services at an $80/month savings
  • I bit on the offer
  • My phone service was down for 3 days as I made call after to call to inept agents
  • Now my billing is off, I was offered no credit, and Verizon won’t answer any of my inquiries

Let’s talk about the Twitter response during the time my phone service was down.  I blogged in this space about my Verizon troubles.  Verizon is running searches and reached out to me via Twitter when they saw my post.  (This is good practice BTW)  Here is the transcript:

  1. VerizonSupport Ok thanks. Working on it right now. ^BK Wednesday, June 09, 2010 1:59:03 PM
  2. Verizon Support VerizonSupport @kevinsenne Ok Kevin. I’m just having trbl finding your name in the system. Is the acct under your name? ^BK 1:30 PM Jun 9th
  3. Verizon Support VerizonSupport Hi Kevin. I sent a tweet but our system isn’t updating so not sure if you rec’d. I read your blog, is everything working as of now? ^BK

I am answering the whole time.  That’s it, no follow-up to make sure things were resolved, nothing else.  As I mentioned earlier, this happened before when I tweeted about an outage one day.  Verizon asked me what was the problem, but never answered the question.

I have also sent email asking about my credits through the Verizon email system and never received a reply.  Options are great, but if you don’t know how to use the technology, it just makes it worse.

Same old Verizon.

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