– Real Scumbags continues their tradition of deplorable behavior with this latest episode.  This one takes the cake.  The company has been using the picture of a fallen American soldier in their advertisements.  They give a lame excuse, but let’s be serious, this isn’t the first time this company has been caught faking profiles, etc…  Sleep well guys, what a classy move.

DALLAS — The advertisements say “Solidiers want you” and “Military Men Searching for Love” next to a picture of a serviceman.

There’s just one problem: The solider in the advertisement, Lt. Peter Burks, died in Baghdad in 2007, leaving behind his family and his fiance, Missy.

Seeing the image of his fallen son being used without approval to promote dating ads infuriates Burks’ father, Alan, and transports him back to a dark place.

“It brought back the memories when we were notified by the Department of Defense,” Mr. Burks said through tears.

Four years after Lt. Burks’ death, his father still wears his son’s dog tags.

“It was so wrong,” Alan Burks said. “Peter was a good kid. He loved Missy. And it was so dishonoring to her, to him, and his family.”

Alan Burks is suing Dallas-based and Candada-based for using his son’s image without approval. The suit says they are “attemping to exploit his good looks and strong jaw image for financial gain.”

“And the picture these people use… that was Pete on the battlefield, behind the vehicle in which he was killed,” his father said.

The photo was taken just days before Lt. Burks’ death, a final image his family cherishes.

“What people in the military decide to do is stand up and fight for what’s right,” Alan Burks said. “And that’s what this is about.”

PlentyofFish has pulled the picture from its Web site. told News 8 that its management “would never knowingly use a photo of a fallen soldier to promote our business, and looks forward to getting the necessary details in order to take appropriate action.”

For Alan Burks, no excuse will justify this outrage, but he’ll get through with the help of his son’s parting thoughts.

“He sat me down and said, ‘Dad, I’ve chosen a dangerous profession. I plan to come back, but if I don’t, here’s how I’d like for you to carry on,'” Mr. Burks said.

And so he is carrying on, with the character he knows would make his son proud.

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