Toys are Officially Whacked Out!

I feel like I have to talk to someone about this.  Toys have now gone flying over the edge of the Grand Canyon at breakneck speed.  I fear there is no coming back from this.  Our children are doomed.  I have two kids, ages 4 and 7.  Honestly, one of the best things about having kids is that I now get to play with toys using an acceptable disguise.  There are some improvements in the toy arena that are just fantastic.  My eight year-old head would have exploded if I would have seen some of the toys my kids have today.  The ironic thing is our kiddos aren’t really that interested in toys.  My son loves Matchbox cars and my daughter loves to read and draw.  My daughter has a Nintendo DS she had to have, but never plays with, and my son has way too many “sets” of all kinds for his cars.  They just like the basics, I suppose.

I have memories of a few really good toys from my youth.  My favorite toy of all time was the “Snoopy Scooter Shooter.”  I purchased one of these on Ebay a few years ago.  I loved the Sit N Spin and would spin around for hours.  That might explain a lot about me today.  I loved my Matchbox cars and Tonka Trucks.  I also had this great Winnebago that was about 2 feet long and would fit my whole cast of action figures.  I just searched for this on Ebay and they actually have it.  (Side advice, do not try and outbid me on this one!)  Does anyone remember Stretch Armstrong?  I decided to do some medical experimentation on mine with some rounded scissors.  Trust me, it did not work out.  We couldn’t stop the bleeding.

That’s my toy background.  I think you’ll understand my reaction when I saw these.  I can’t describe to you my feelings when I see the Zhu Zhu Pets.  Are they just creepy?  Would the kids like them and the massive hamster mazes that you can buy?  The toys look better sitting still.  It’s when the action starts that things get a little weird.  Here’s a link to the website.  Are these going to be on you holiday shopping list?  I read that these will be one of the “must-have” toys of the holidays.


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