This Facebook Thing May Be Going A Little Too Far 1

An article published on Mashable today made me think that the Social Networking thing might have reached it’s apex.  Some of the details are listed below, but the jist is that now your Onstar system will read you Facebook posts and allow you to speak into your On-board phone and then transcribe and post your thoughts to Facebook.  Isn’t this going a little too far?  Am I the only person that thinks we’re just about at The Truman Show level as we speak?  Full disclosure, I am writing from 33,000 feet…

Now we’re not only eating, drinking, reading, fiddling with the radio, and talking on our phones as we drive.  We’re now going to listen to Facebook posts and ANSWER them as we drive along.  I can’t wait for these posts to come flying by.

“Guy just cut me off”

“People drive too slow”

“Cute guy in a red pickup on I-30”

I am about to pull a John Mayer and give up on “The Facebook” and “The Twitter” very soon.  My guess is that a lot of you will be following along.  Or the first thought seeking Twitter posting machines are coming, and resistance truly is futile.  Just sayin…

OnStar will soon offer a service that reads both Facebook and text messages to subscribers, according to an undisclosed source. Drivers will be able to respond with pre-canned messages, allowing them to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

The service, which is expected to launch later this month, will be OnStar’s first attempt at integrating social media services into its fleet of in-vehicle hardware. Although it’s improbable that many users will opt to have a torrent of Facebook (Facebook) updates read to them while driving, the text message service will likely be a quick hit.

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