The Three Stooges Movie Trailer Released

The Three Stooges hold a special place in my memory.  One of my best childhood memories was watching The Stooges with my dad.  I know we would never want our kids watching the show now because we would blame the decline of civilization on the violence, but look it was just funny.  If you know anything about the history of The Stooges, it is a pretty sad story of how they were cheated out of most of the money their fame should have given them.  They worked through the death of many close freinds and family members and just kept churning out the work.  This brings us to the upcoming movie.

The Farrelly Brothers are directing The Three Stooges Movie.  You just know this is going to suck.  The first trailer is out and they have actually brough thr stooges into today’s time.  The jokes look awful and the story has to be worse.  This is what almost always happens when you try to go back and refresh something that needs no updating.  We shoud have just shown old Stooges movies in theaters in black and white.  Now, new generations are going to think the Stooges are lame.  Let the action figures begin.  Thanks for screwing up yet another childhood memory.


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