The Texas Rangers are Big Time

I don’t exactly know when this happened, but the Texas Rangers are the real deal.  This is hard for a Rangers fan to truly articulate.  I have lived in Dallas just about 40 years now.  I lived and died with the Rangers as a kid.  Check that, died with the Rangers because they never ever won anything.  I grew up at a time when you actually listened to baseball games on the radio.  I spent just about all my summer nights as a kid outside throwing the baseball and listening to the Rangers.  They lost, but it was cool because baseball was fun.

Fast forward a few years later and I became an Atlanta Braves fan.  I became a Braves fan for a few reasons.  Number One is because they were always on TV on TBS at a time when you could really only watch the Braves or the Cubs.  Number Two was the great Dale Murphy.  I didn’t abandon the Rangers, but I rooted for the Braves who were in the National League and also awful, so it seemed alright.  Then a funny thing happened to the Braves, they became good.  I took my first adult vacation with my now wife driving to Atlanta to watch them play.  I drove with friends to the World Series on 1996 and was lucky enough to see a pretty incredible 1-0 game against the Yankees.

I had a team who actually won games.  I didn’t forget about the Rangers, but they were still the same old team.  They had good players, but the Texas heat always got us.  It wasn’t any fun to be a real Rangers fan because there was never even a chance.  They did have a couple of good teams in the late 90’s but of course they were buzzsawed by the Yankees, a team who always gets what they want.   Of course looking back now we know those Ranger teams of the late 90’s were one big Petri dish of steroids, so I am glad I didn’t have some emotional attachment.

In the last decade I have drifted away from baseball.  The strike pretty much killed my interest in the game, and I never really came back.  I am a huge NBA and Premier League soccer fan these days.  A funny thing has happened the past couple of years with our little Rangers.  The Rangers are a damn good baseball team.  Since Nolan Ryan arrived on the scene he has built a team that is the real deal.  The guys are fun to watch and the team does whatever it takes.  Yes, they have lost in the past 2 World Series, but we don’t even care.  I feel like they are a team of destiny, it is only a matter of time.

Today I saw that Roy Oswalt signed with the team.  This is a player that just about all of the good teams wanted.  He’s a pitcher and he chose the Rangers.  The same Rangers who were for 35 years a place to go and die.  It’s a pretty amazing turn of events.  I saw the headline and wasn’t even that surprised.  Are the Rangers the new Yankees?  Maybe they could be?  It’s a pretty crazy thing at least for me anyway.  I don’t think I will ever get used to this one.

Go Rangers.

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