The Social Networking Quest 2

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Last week I was thinking about social networking and where it is headed.  I started thinking about the big guys.  Facebook and Twitter are certainly the dominant forces in today’s social networking world.  They aren’t the only games in town, however.  That’s what got me thinking about what I was missing.  I am a member of many social networking sites, but honestly, I don’t visit or use any of them that often.  It hit me:  I have become stuck in a Facebook/Twitter rut.

I decided I was going to embark on a quest to discover what else was out there in the world of social networking.  I began signing up for as many social networking sites as I could.  I am now registered with well over 250 sites, with many more on my radar.  (Yes, there are really that many sites out there.)  Many of the sites are niche-specific, but I’ve been surprised by the wealth of sites out there beyond my comfort zone.

Here was my plan of action.

Phase 1

  • Sign up:  Keep profiles very basic – username, password, name, and location only
  • Use of OtherInbox for exactly what it was born to do:  individual email addresses and mailboxes for each site/account
  • Verification of email addresses for sites that require them

Phase 2

  • Begin individual site interaction
  • Complete profile:  bio , Web site, likes, etc…
  • Begin use of the site:  does it interact with other accounts, is there value to me, or possibly friends

Phase 3

  • Reviews
  • Recommendations of great sites to my friends and readers
  • What works about sites we like, suggestions for others to incorporate “good” features
  • Evaluation of email marketing

Phase 4

  • What makes it to my daily routine
  • Did I find social networking enlightenment, or is it just a lot of noise

I am very excited about what I am going to find.  I find myself unsure where to start.  I have already found places so interesting to me that I wanted to jump ahead.  I hope that I am able to encourage you to explore just a little.  Imagine if we can all find just one thing that makes us want to click these cool looking share buttons down below?

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