The Necktie Is Dead

George Clooney

Image by Sebastian Niedlich (Grabthar) via Flickr

Today I, in all my fashion wisdom and power, have decided to make a declaration.  The necktie is officially, now and hereafter, dead.

I understand that the business suit is a staple of our wardrobes.  I always dress nicely in a suit when I meet with clients.  I believe the look is respectful and proper.  I would rather be overdressed than under dressed any day.  I love my Calvin Klein suits, and some days I even think I look pretty nice in them.  My preference in wardrobe is something much more casual, though.  I wear jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt whenever I can.  This is the most true representation of who I am and I probably do my best work in my “brainstorming” uniform.  This comfort factor is trumped by clients who are paying for my services, however.

About three years ago, I noticed on a trip to New York City that a few of the men were not wearing ties with their suits.  I thought that the look was very neat and professional.  The guys looked nice and dignified, but they had a certain “in the trenches look” that inspired confidence.  I went into the bathroom before my meeting, removed my tie, and never looked back (or down).

Do I look like those fashion forward guys I saw in NYC?  Probably not.  I have never been mistaken for any fashion…well, anything.  I do feel good with my tie-free zone, and I’ve noticed the trend is starting to gain momentum.  The next time you are at a gathering where people are dressed in suits, take note of the tie/no tie ratio.  We’re making progress.  Still not a believer?  I have some really nice ties for a bargain price…

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