The Kids Are All Right – Overrated?

The lists of top movies of the year are starting to pour in as we quickly approach the last days of 2010.  I keep seeing The Kids Are All Right on all of these lists.  We were excited to go and see this movie.  Annette Bening is one of my favorite actors, and Julianne Moore is also very good.  The cast was the selling point, and it seemed like the story was also meaty and could be something special.

I could not have been more disappointed with this movie.  It’s just not that great.  It starts out strong, the characters are strong, and the actors are all good.  Then it just dies.  I walked out of the theater with a very strange feeling.  The movie should have been good, but it wasn’t.  I felt cheated in a way.  I also knew this would happen.  Critics would gush over the movie, and tell us how great it was.  I disagree.  This was my wasted potential flick of the year.

Here’s Entertainment Weekly’s gushing as they call it the #2 movie of 2010.

2. The Kids Are All Right
The smartest, funniest, sexiest live-action movie of the year introduces a madly appealing married-with-children nuclear family — with a twist. Blessed with the year’s best ensemble cast, including Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as lesbian moms, filmmaker Lisa Cholodenko and her co-writer, Stuart Blumberg, have joyously subverted commercial sitcom underpinnings, erasing the boundaries between ”gay content” and universal ”family content” along the way with indie élan.

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