The Dallas Mavericks Window is Closed

Tonight, the Dirk Nowitzki era with the Dallas Mavericks came to a close.  It wasn’t a bad run at all.  The Mavs have been competitive for more than a decade.  They caught lightning in a bottle and won a championship, so you can’t be too sad about the end.  Mark Cuban bet the farm on the allure of the Dallas Mavericks and he lost.  Cuban hasn’t figured out that the Mavs are no longer the only franchise in the NBA that treats players right.  In fact, I would argue that Cuban is getting what he deserves from years of sticking it to players by treating them like dirty laundry.

The Mavericks decided to break-up a championship team and roll the dice that they would be able to sign Deron Williams and Dwight Howard this off-season.  Mavs fans watched as plans A-G have quickly fallen apart.  They are left with nothing but watching Dirk finish off a hall of fame career while hoping to squeak into the playoffs.

Lets review what went wrong.

1.  Deron Williams resigned with Brooklyn because he was worried an aging Nowitzki would go down leaving him all alone.

2.  Steve Nash signed with the Lakers.  FYI – with the failed Lamar Odom trade exception.

3.  Dwight Howard is nuts.

4.  Jeremy Lin signed an offer sheet with the Rockets

5.  The Mavs have zero trade assets.

6.  Cuban pissed off Nash years ago and watched him win 2 MVP’s.

7.  Cuban dumped the best defensive player in the league Tyson Chandler.

What’s left?  Do you re-sign Jason Kidd?  Who do you sign in free agency?  There is nobody to help this team.  You can’t wait for next year, Dirk doesn’t have much left in the tank.  Chris Paul isn’t coming.  Dwight Howard isn’t coming.  Nobody is coming here.  The NBA is all about the “Big Three” and we only have the big German.

That’s why it might be time to do the unthinkable.  Trade Dirk Nowitzki to the team of his choosing.  There is no option.  You are either good or bad in the NBA.  Just making the playoffs is death.  Mark Cuban rescued the Mavericks from the sewer and for that we must always be grateful.  His ego has now killed this team.  The Mavs thought that players would actually want to come here, and for that they dismantled a team that could have made one more run.  They probably weren’t good enough to pull out another miracle, but it would have been better than what’s to come.

RIP Mavs


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