The Daily 12.29.09 The Segway, Tiger Woods, Twitter Trends, 2009 In Review, and a Dumb Criminal

The Daily is a collection of links to articles, blurbs, etc. about Email Marketing, Deliverability, Social Media, technology, sports, and anything else that catches my eye on the Web.

  • Remember when the Segway changed the world?
  • Kim Kardashian sued by a cookie maker.  So many jokes, so little space.
  • 8 things every geek needs to do before 2010.
  • Top Twitter trends of 2009.
  • New details and the price leaked for the new Google Nexus One phone.  $530…wow!
  • Forbes 2009 in review – Social Marketing trends.
  • Uh oh, Charlie Sheen is in a lot of trouble.  He’s whacko, and nobody is shocked at anything anymore.
  • Did Tiger Woods have plastic surgery after Elin took a divot out of his face?
  • Ted Danson is 62 today.
  • The True Odds of Airborne Terror chart.
  • This guy stole an Xbox 360 and then played online.  That’s right; gotcha.  He didn’t even change the gamer tag.

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