The Daily 12.19.09 Avatar, Fat Xbox Avatars, Tweet After Death, New Facebook Redesign

The Daily is a collection of links to articles, blurbs, etc. about Email Marketing, Deliverability, Social Media, technology, sports, and anything else that catches my eye on the Web.

  • TechCrunch says that Avatar is the new iPhone, because it is so disruptive it changes the way we will watch movies.
  • 10 Biggest Printer Problems and How to Fix Them – Kev’s Note – I think we just just toss printers when they run out of ink.
  • Google to acquire DocVerse – The office software wars are going to get good.
  • My Xbox Live account avatar is going to get FAT!!!!!!!!  This may have crossed the line.  We’re fat BECAUSE we play video games.
  • Moodagent for creating iTunes playlists.  This one looks pretty good.  I’ll keep mine on constant Angst filled with rage, hate, and all we need is love!!!
  • Your Social Networks after death.  There’s a company for that.  My final tweet.  “Senne, out…”
  • Baggy Pants are so yesterday.  How can you get away from the cops while wearing them?  You don’t.
  • There’s no way my wife would go for this.  It’s “good enough” when it comes to organization.
  • Darkside Joe Liberman
  • Another Facebook redesign is coming.  That means more people joining groups like Facebook, you better change back now or I will be mad.
  • There are now more Tweets than people.
  • How can you not love Mel Brooks movies?
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