The Daily 12.06.09 Christmas Decoration Classic, Kimbo Slice, TCU, And 15 Things To Do When Twitter Dies

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  • The BCS lineups are set.  My prediction came true, and TCU is playing in the Who bowl.
  • Kimbo Slice wins.  I am pretty sure I could take down Kimbo Slice at this point.  I just don’t get MMA; I think I am too old.
  • From the Shorter and Sweeter Blog.  FYI, this has actually been me before.  This is the “Greatest Christmas Decoration Ever.”
  • falling

  • Holy Crap, we may have gone all the way to Nut LandThe Twoddler, a device for toddlers to twitter.  @ mommy, I miss you too…
  • Twitter was down today.  Here’s list from Techcrunch of 15 alternative things to do when Twitter takes a vacation.
  1. Talk about Twitter being down on FriendFeed
  2. Talk about Twitter being down on Facebook
  3. Talk about Twitter being down over IM
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