The Daily 12.05.09 Nerdy Ornaments, Snap Bird, The Bachelor, 100 Best Songs

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  • Nerdy Christmas Tree Ornaments – I like the idea of my Twitter name.
  • Ron Livingston sues Wikipedia director for false information.  I’ll be watching how this one turns out.
  • I so wish I didn’t laugh at this, but I did.  Watch at risk of your eyeballs exploding.  Sexy Grandmas and Ice Cream…I’m so sorry!
  • The classic game Dragon’s Lair is headed for the iPhone.
  • Manchester City beats Chelsea today 2-1.
  • Try Snap Bird to search through old Tweets.  This could be interesting.
  • The Bachelor is STILL on television???  Jimmy Kimmel isn’t putting a lot of stock in this new guy.
  • The 100 best songs of the 2000’s.
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