The Daily 12.04.09 World Cup 2010, Facebook Scam, Tag Clouds, Marilyn Monroe, and Bandwidth Hogs

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First of all, today I would like to pass on some sad news about one of my favorite personalities of all time:  Charles Barkley.  He was a fantastic basketball player.  But as much as I loved Charles on the court, I love him even more as a broadcaster.  Charles Barkley’s grandmother passed away this week.  If you know much about Charles, you know I lot of who he is today came from this woman.  If you would like to send Charles a note or thought, you can contact him at  The address will be live after 5:00 pm EST tonight.

  • How bloggers are dealing with the new FTC rules.
  • No “Group of Death” for the US Soccer Team.  A nice break for my favorite, England.  The draw is complete.
  • Maxim has a flowchart to determine if your pro-athlete spouse is cheating on you.
  • Warning:  new Facebook chat phishing scam in progress.
  • Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe?  I don’t see it.  I think she is an incredible actress — have you seen Wendy and Lucy? — but I don’t see her as a sex kitten.
  • LOL…What happens when you put a tag cloud on your customer support forum?
  • Bandwidth hogs are mythical creatures.
  • Tiger and Elin Woods are reportedly renegotiating their prenup.  I bet they are…
  • Power outlets with USB ports included.  What will they think of next?
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