The Daily 12.02.09 Tiger Woods, Crazy Marriage, PETA Are Terrorists, Brangelina, And The AOL Enhanced Whielist

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  • A couple updates their Facebook status FROM the altar.  The sanctity of marriage is hard at work.
  • More Tiger Woods news, including a supposed recording.  Why get married?  Who would begrudge Eldrick from being a player?
  • The USDA classifies PETA as terrorists.
  • Is Brangelina also on the ropes?
  • The AOL Enhanced White List is undergoing some major changes.
  • Breaking News from Tiger himself.  Tiger apologizes for transgressions on his Web site.  Why don’t we just tell the tabloids that Osama Bin Laden is suspected of transgressions with Britney Spears?  You do not want to cross the tabloids.  Check out the comments.  Kudos to the site for not dropping negative comments like this one:   “Tiger, I really thought you were different than other athletes but at the end of the day you are like all the rest. Once a cheater always a cheater, God knows what else you’ve cheated at.
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