The Daily 12.01.09 AT&T’s Bad Service, NBC Sold, DKIM, Chrome OS Diet, And Loneliness

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  • AT&T cellphone service ranks last in customer service.  I guess Apple should have done a bit more due diligence.
  • The family of a deceased man who couldn’t fit in his casket is suing the funeral home.
  • Hollywood vs. New York, a montage.  Isn’t it about time to take it out on someone else?
  • CNBC is reporting that the deal between Comcast and GE is complete. Say goodbye to Hulu.
  • Andy Murray, the British tennis star was allegedly dumped by his girlfriend for “7 hour a day” Playstation 3 binges.
  • J.D. Falk has a great piece about DKIM and Deliverability.
  • A new study suggest that loneliness is contagious.  I could have told you that.
  • Hilarious video.  A Taiwanese program manufactures virtual footage of the Tiger Woods incident.
  • Top 2009 search trends from Yahoo, Google, and Bing.
  • Chrome OS ‘Diet” version runs off a 1GB USB key.  Have you tried this yet?
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