The Daily 11.30.09 The Kindle, Wii, Cyber Monday, B&N, Chelsea, and TweetDeck

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  • Amazon Kindle Selling Great – Recession?  Not if you’re the Amazon Kindle, it turns out — it’s currently the bestselling product across all categories at Amazon. Yes, that means it’s outselling the robotic hamsters, the t-shirts with wolves howling at the moon, and the limited edition Snuggies.  Read more at Engadget.
  • Cyber Monday Steals – Yahoo reports on some of the deals available today at major retailers.  Free engraving on an iPod;  pretty hard to top that.  Full article at Yahoo.
  • New Challenges for the Wii – SFGate reports on slumping sales for the Nintendo Wii.  Is the lack of HD finally going to kill this version of the Wii?
  • Gizmodo reports that half of the 2012 HDTV’s will be 3D.  What a gift, the glasses will be sold separately for only $200.  Not only do we get to look stupid in our own house, but we get to shell out hundreds of dollars to do it.
  • Social media helps people lose their inhibitions?  Shocking data at Mashable reveals people are brave behind a keyboard.
  • posts a fun take on ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas with an email marketing twist.
  • Dylan Boyd discusses the flood of holiday-themed email he received over the weekend.
  • Hey Barnes & Noble, this isn’t the way to take down the Kindle and save your business.  This advice IS in stock.
  • Chelsea stuffs Arsenal 3-nil in a battle of EPL heavyweights.  Drogba is a bad dude.
  • Today’s celebrity birthdays.  Billy Idol is 54, ugh…
  • New TweetDeck updates today via TechCrunch.
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