The Bill Is In The Mail, Newegg

Here in this humble space, just about a month ago to the day, I wrote a piece about and their email marketing programs.  Newegg is a company that I really like doing business with.  It offers computers and electronics.  The subject of the article was the unfortunate title and focus of their email marketing newsletter.  The communication was called “e-blast,” and it drove my email best practices brain crazy!  I made a few suggestion in the article —  I wanted to see Newegg change the name of the communication, and I made the suggestion that it be given some egg-themed name.  Just in case you missed it, here’s the article:

Blast, Blast, Blast.  What do I think of when someone blasts something at me?  That I had better duck out of the way?  That I’m about to get a blast from a shotgun with hundreds of individual pellets coming at me?  That I’m about to get hit with huge blast of water that’s going to leave me soaking wet?  It doesn’t matter what analogy you use.  “Blast” and “email” go together like oil and water.  All of us “email-bloggers” have talked about the evils of the blast forever.  I fined people at my company a quarter for every time the word was used.  Fortunately for me, but not so much for the company, the money financed a trip to the French Riviera.  Okay, that last part might not have happened, but it could have.  Trust me.

I don’t really want to preach about the evils of the mail blast, but I don’t see how to avoid it.  Email recipients want to receive relevant content.  People don’t mind getting email from you, as long as it holds some kind of value to them.  I think, if you provide that value even most of the time, your audience will allow you to slip on occasion.  If I am a customer of yours, you should know, to some degree the things that I like, or at least the things I purchase.  Why do you send me something that has no place in my context as a customer with you?  It happens all the time, and in my humble opinion, is the leading cause of poor email numbers.

That brings me to the cause of today’s rant.  The target of said rant today is Newegg.  Newegg sells electronics, and is a store where I have made quite a few purchases.  I like the customer service, the selection, and the prices.  Newegg understands the world we live in today.  You can follow Newegg on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube.  That’s why this is all the more confusing to me.  Care to guess what the Newegg email newsletter is called?  “The e-Blast.”  Holy Spam, Batman!  The WHAT?!?  I promise, I did not make the title up.

I can help.  How about these?  I come up with these names only half-joking.  Anything is better than the current title (AKA – I am a dirty rotten spammer.)

  • The Golden Egg
  • What’s Hatching?
  • The Newegg Weekly Hatchery
  • Spring Chickens
  • Global Thermonuclear War

Come on Newegg, dump the blast before it’s too late!!!

Allow me to share some good news.  Newegg has made some changes.  There is no longer any “blasting” going on that I can see, and they decided on an egg-themed name for promotional email.  The subscription center is still fantastic, and gives the user many options.  Great job, Newegg!  Keep up the good work.  And remember, I’m here if you need anything else!



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