That’s a Lot of Work for 500 Eaves – Empire Avenue Mission Requests

I play a game called Empire AvenueEmpire Avenue is tons of fun and it wastes more than a reasonable amount of my time.  EA fits the bill perfectly right now for my obsessive compulsive personality.  If you are reading this, you probably understand the game and what it entails.  Now, to the business at hand.

Empire Avenue mission requests are getting more and more intense.

I love missions.  I am a mission whore.  I check in all through the day on breaks from money making job.  I enjoy participating, sharing some information that is sometimes very cool, and making additional bank.  Seriously guys, how much time do you think I have to do these missions?  If I did have the time, do I want to like 20 Facebook posts?  How does this benefit me and my online friends?  It just makes me a billboard.  And you are right, I don’t take the missions I don’t want to complete.

I am not passing judgement, just making an observation.

Here are some of my favorites.

1000e Like 20 posts, comment 3 and share 3

1000e for Google+ 20 Likes ..if you can share 2 posts Posts or Pictures please add the 20 likes

10 likes or more make me a very happy camper 😉

Can I get 10 likes for 1000 Eaves?

Please visit me on Google Plus and +1 at least 3 posts, comment on 3 and share 3.


MISSION: Like Posts On A Facebook Page   Please like 6-7 posts that interest you. Thanks!

Please visit me on Google Plus and +1 at least 5 posts, comment on a couple and share 1 ;D

Good luck with all your missions easy and complicated.  I appreciate your willingness to donate – and the desire to trade them for something of value.

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