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I am biased because I love getting my Amazon purchases in a day.  Rick Perry is doing such a bang-up job with our economy that we can let Amazon walk away.  We don’t get to collect sales tax we shouldn’t be attempting and more than 1,000 people don’t have jobs.  Awesome!

From Dallasnews.com

Amazon.com said Thursday that it would shutter its Irving distribution facility on April 12 and cancel plans to hire as many as 1,000 additional workers because of its dispute with Texas over sales tax owed.

Texas wants $269 million from Seattle-based Amazon in past due sales tax, sending the bill to the company last October.

“We regret losing any business in the state of Texas,” said Alan Spelce, spokesman for the state’s comptroller’s office. “But our position hasn’t changed; if you have a physical business presence in the state of Texas, you owe sales tax.”

Amazon continues to appeal the tax bill through an administrative process, Spelce said, “and it’s going to be a while” before a decision and potential appeals are completed.

The distribution facility is located near Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and employs an unknown number of people; an Amazon spokeswoman wouldn’t comment beyond a letter sent to its employees here announcing the closure.

“Despite much hard work and the support of other Texas officials, we’ve been unable to come to a resolution with the Texas Comptroller’s office,” Dave Clark, vice president of operations for the facility, said in the letter.

“Closing this fulfillment center is clearly not our preferred outcome,” he continued. “We were previously planning to build additional facilities and expand in Texas, bringing more than 1,000 new jobs and tens of millions of investment dollars to the state, and we regret the need to reverse course.”

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