Tea Party Leader Urges ‘Good Hunting’

This is a good example of why I believe we need to seize the opportunity to take something positive out of the awful tragedy in Arizona.  I am in no way saying that any group or statement caused this wacko to snap like he did, but it is a good chance to take a look at where we are today.  This country has real issues that we need to solve.  We’re not going to solve anything acting like this.  It’s time to put away the toddler vocabulary and sit down and talk about our differences and find a way to move forward. 

It’s time for guys like Ray Myers to crawl back into their hole and leave the governing to people with a brain.

From WFAA.com.

Kaufman County’s Tea Party leader is under fire for making comments many feel were inappropriate in the wake of the Arizona shootings.

Ray Myers sent an e-mail to his Tea Party members, asking them to “go after” supporters of Texas House Speaker Joe Straus.

In closing, he wished them “good hunting.”

But Myers said he never intended to offend anyone.

“We’re not trying to affect the direction of the country though radial rhetoric; we’re not trying to do that,” he said. “But the left always wants to grab things like that and move it in that way. But we’re sorry. We’re not that way.”

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