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I am a Fort Worth resident.  Fort Worth, Texas home of the TCU Horned Frogs.  The 12-0-undefeated-in-college-football-for-the-first-time-since-1938-TCU Horned Frogs.  I’ve watched the bandwagon jumpers the past few weeks here in the area.  We’ve had “wear purple” days, as the mayor has encouraged everyone to get behind the Horned Frogs.  Meanwhile, the greedy college football system continues to chug along.  We wait each week for the BCS standings to be released, and for the number nerds to calculate who might be lucky enough to play in the so-called “national championship” game.  Here in the DFW Metroplex, we were finally supposed to have a team that could be a part of that conversation, or so we thought.

Texas played Nebraska tonight for the Big 12 Championship.  The prevailing thought was that if Nebraska could somehow spring the upset, little TCU might be in line for a shot at the national championship.  It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of that possibility.  What real football fan doesn’t hate the BCS?  What fan doesn’t want what Brent Musburger called for tonight on the telecast — BCS CHAOS?  True football fans want the BCS to fail so miserably that it will finally go away.  We root for this more than the games themselves, and we almost had it.  Easy, right?  GO TCU!  Go Cincinnati!  Go Boise State!  Bust up the big boys monopoly and crash that party.  That all changed for me this week.

TCU coach, Gary Patterson, signed an extension to keep his job at TCU through 2016.  He talked about his goal of winning a national championship.  Coach Patterson decided to wax poetic about the wonderful bowl system we have in place:  BCS.  No, more like total BS.  Here are some of Coach Patterson’s comments:

  • “Is it easier to win one game for a championship?  Or to have to win four?”  Patterson asked. “If you have a playoff, you practice and get on a plane and play.  And if you lose, it’s over.  If you go to a bowl game, you’re there seven days, and the kids can enjoy a place and get rewarded.”
  • “You have to show that you can play with everybody consistently,” he said.  “You have to establish you can do it every year.”
  • “Ninety percent of the teams (in the BCS) don’t have an opportunity to win a national championship,” Patterson said.  “It’s the same 10 teams.  We’ve now gone to a BCS over 80 percent of the Big 12, 80 percent of the SEC, 80 percent of the Big Ten.  We’ve achieved something that all those other teams talk about because they are part of a conference that can get there. We’ve now jumped over a hurdle by going to a BCS game.”

That all makes perfect sense to me.  You should get to play in the title game because of what you did the previous 3 years??  If that’s true then what about Villanova, N.C. State, and Danny and the Miracles at Kansas?  Sports is exciting because anybody can beat anybody on a given night.  Ask Ralph Sampson about the game against NAIA school Chaminade when they were the number 1 team in the country.  Ask Michigan about Appalachian State.  You never know, and if you are having the season, maybe this is your Jimmy V moment.

I am also tired of the practice excuses.  These kids get free rides to play football, and that’s what they do.  Why doesn’t Coach Patterson care about the endless spring practices he schedules?  The teams practice for a month after the season to play in the East West North South Beef Jerky Bowl anyway.  Who cares if they take 2 plane rides?  Coach Patterson cares because he knows his team can’t play with these guys.  Win a couple of games each year against lower competition and sign a extension through 2016.  What a gig…

Look at this schedule for TCU:

09/12/09 at Virginia TV Charlottesville, Va. W, 30-14
09/19/09 vs. Texas State Fort Worth, Texas W, 56-21
09/26/09 at Clemson TV Clemson, S.C. W, 14-10
10/03/09 vs. SMU (Family Weekend) TV Fort Worth, Texas W, 39-14
10/10/09 at Air Force TV USAFA, Colo. W, 20-17
10/17/09 vs. Colorado State (Clark Society) TV Fort Worth, Texas W, 44-6
10/24/09 at BYU TV Provo, Utah W, 38-7
10/31/09 vs. UNLV (Homecoming) TV Fort Worth, Texas W, 41-0
11/07/09 at San Diego State TV San Diego, Calif. W, 55-12
11/14/09 vs. Utah TV Fort Worth, Texas W, 55-28
11/21/09 at Wyoming TV Laramie, Wyo. W, 45-10
11/28/09 vs. New Mexico TV Fort Worth, Texas W, 51-10


What’s really here?  A Virginia team whose coach was fired.  A good win at Clemson.  A win against a down BYU team, and a win against a so-so Utah team.  Everything else is Cupcake City — a good team who won out against a very mediocre schedule.  A nice accomplishment for sure, but no different from Cincinnati or Boise State.  Do we really think TCU could have handled even the middle tier BCS schools?  LSU, Arkansas, Nebraska, Oregon State, and Miami would all put the wood to TCU.  Coach Patterson isn’t in favor of a playoff because his program would be exposed.  He would be shown to be a fraud.

I would have loved to seen the Coach puckered up tonight when it looked like Nebraska had pulled the miracle.  What do we think was running through his head?  Alabama 56 – TCU 3?  Thankfully, the BCS managed to avoid chaos once again, and produced a good matchup.

Here’s what I hope for TCU:  I hope they get Boise State in a bowl game that nobody will watch.  That has to be better than getting throttled by Georgia Tech.  The kids will get their rest , get to study, study, study, and all come out winners.  Next year, TCU can go back to losing to BYU and Utah.  That’s what they deserve.

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3 thoughts on “TCU Gets What It Deserves

  1. Reply Josh Dec 6,2009 2:26 am

    Boise State 43, Oklahoma 42

    Utah 31, Alabama 17

  2. Reply Kevin Senne Dec 6,2009 8:07 am


    That’s exactly why we need a playoff. I think both of those teams were pretty special, and had some stars. I don’t see that with this team. I’d also wager that if those games were part of a playoff system, we might have seen a different outcome. How “up” could Oklahoma have been to play Boise in a basic meaningless game?

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