Bigfoot is Alive 1

Yep, Bigfoot has made another cameo.  This time in North Carolina, and he came complete with a growl for the camera. Here is a link and some exciting text from the guys personal account.  Hair raising….truly amazing stuff.  Wait, there’s also a video of some Bubba in a monkey suit running across the road. On ...

A Cat Eating With Hands 1

Now I have seen it all.  Here’s a cat eating a civilized and proper dinner with hands.  That’s right, hands. Check it out before the internets explodes. httpv://

Chicken McNugget Rage – The Real Story 1

Melodi Dushane, 25, pulled up to a Toledo-area McDonald’s at 6:30 a.m. on New Year’s Day demanding McNuggets. Told of McDonald’s breakfast-lunch barrier, Dushane tried to order a side of McWhoopAss instead. Here’s the just-released crazy video. I decided to tell the real story since the security video has no sound. The official version: httpv:// ...

Just Kill TV Already 1

Television as we know it is dead.  I know it’s still around, and on occasion we try and pretend that television shows and networks are still relevant.  Television networks are nothing more than zombies wandering around looking for easy prey to devour.  In my life I have seen television go from the absolute apex of ...

You Don’t See This Coming – But It Is Incredible 1

I don’t want to ruin the surprise.  Watch this video.  It will leave you shaking your head. httpv://

Falling Is Just Funny

I don’t know why people falling down is always so funny.  It never gets old.  Epic Parkour Fail Compilation – Watch more Funny Videos