Alpine Coaster in Austria – With No Brakes

I am very afraid of heights.  I’ve only ridden a couple of roller coasters in my life.  I have no desire.  There, it’s out in the open.  I am a coaster wuss.  I am fascinated with watching other people ride these death traps. Check out this guy on an alpine coaster in Mieders, Austria.  He ...

Octopus Walks on Land

Video of an Octopus walking out of the water and taking a stroll on land.  This is very weird. Instead of Land Shark, the cry should have been Land Octopus. httpv://

Video Greatness – The Slow Motion Goose Attack

There are few among us who weren’t violently attacked as children by the menace known as geese or swans.  Remember going out to innocently feed the ducks some bread and the next thing you know the winged assasin is clamping down on your rear end?  Evidently this terror does not stop with children. Behold the ...

Hitler Learns of the Demise of WebOS

You looking for a Touchpad and think you are upset because you can’t find them anymore?  At least you aren’t in the bunker with old Adolf as he learns about the end of WebOS and the associated hardware.  These videos never get old to me.  I watched this alone and laughed so hard I probably ...

Fort Worth Forklift Driver Leads Police on a Low-Speed Chase

Craziness today in Fort Worth as a dude driving a forklift led police on a low-speed chase across the city. He was standing up swearing, gesturing, and throwing beer cans at officers. This is definitely an only in Texas moment.

Man vs. Katamari – Cool and Creative

{EAV_BLOG_VER:6f6baa2260e5d712} This is a very funny and creative video.  I will never get the Katamari theme out of my head today. httpv://