Upside of the Day 9/21/10

Jane Austen’s Fight Club 2

You can have your Pride and Prejudice and your Sense and Sensibility, this is the only Jane Austen that I am interested in.  British literature at it’s finest. I do say… httpv://

Big Bang Theory Nirvana 1

The Barenaked Ladies are at Comic-Con and they play the full-version of the theme song from the Big Bang Theory.  I think it’s pretty funny that Comic-Con has become such a force that before they sing the song, they validate their geek credentials.  It’s cool, the show is funny, and my wife sings the theme ...

Like Wine Much? 1

Like Wine Much?
For those of you who really like wine, I give you this the full bottle glass of wine.  I know I have some friends who are interested in this.  It’s also much classier than drinking straight from the bottle.  Now we can look good while drinking our Strawberry Hill!

Fotopedia SPAM Update 1

I received some suspicious email from Fotopedia this week.  I wrote about it yesterday.  Here’s the short version of the events.  I am signed up for Fotopedia (a visual online encyclopedia with user generated content) with a unique email address.  I received an email last night from some folks at Fotopedia explaining the situation.  We’ve ...

Woot Acquired By Amazon 1

This is why I love Woot and always have.  Woot was acquired by Amazon today in another (think Zappos) strong acquisition of a company that just gets what online business is all about.  You can never have too much customer service and creativity as part of your organization.  Read the letter from the CEO to ...