Chicken McNugget Rage – The Real Story 1

Melodi Dushane, 25, pulled up to a Toledo-area McDonald’s at 6:30 a.m. on New Year’s Day demanding McNuggets. Told of McDonald’s breakfast-lunch barrier, Dushane tried to order a side of McWhoopAss instead. Here’s the just-released crazy video. I decided to tell the real story since the security video has no sound. The official version: httpv:// ...

Jane Austen’s Fight Club 2

You can have your Pride and Prejudice and your Sense and Sensibility, this is the only Jane Austen that I am interested in.  British literature at it’s finest. I do say… httpv://

Big Bang Theory Nirvana 1

The Barenaked Ladies are at Comic-Con and they play the full-version of the theme song from the Big Bang Theory.  I think it’s pretty funny that Comic-Con has become such a force that before they sing the song, they validate their geek credentials.  It’s cool, the show is funny, and my wife sings the theme ...

Let’s Get Stomped By A Bison 1

These two take stupidity to a whole new level.  Not only do they follow a giant wild animal into the woods, they think it will be funny to throw a stick at it.  Well guys, you get the bull by the head and you get the horns.  I love the scream she gets out as ...

Like Wine Much? 1

Like Wine Much?
For those of you who really like wine, I give you this the full bottle glass of wine.  I know I have some friends who are interested in this.  It’s also much classier than drinking straight from the bottle.  Now we can look good while drinking our Strawberry Hill!

House Fans This Looks Promising 1

We are huge fans of the show House. Tell me good things aren’t coming in the new season. Should be interesting.