I Don’t Understand the Point of Facebook Timeline – Am I Stupid?

I Don't Understand the Point of Facebook Timeline - Am I Stupid?
FACEBOOK TIMELINE – This was like an evil cry that chased me around for months.  I wasn’t sure exactly what timeline was going to be, but I had seen screenshots and read articles about the coming apocalypse.  All I knew a few months ago was that I didn’t want my Facebook experience to be changed ...

Facebook Burnt Toast Part II

There’s nothing like the smell of burnt Facebook toast in the morning.  We really should all just take lessons from these guys and stop publicly commenting on things.  We weren’t meant for this life.

Here’s What You Get Facebook Underposter 1

Here's What You Get Facebook Underposter
Aside from the tragic circumstances, this is what you get for Facebook underposting.  Why not say, so and so died suddenly and I am very sad?  Because you like the attention of the underpost.  For that, I say meet Karma as it slaps you in the face.

This Facebook Thing May Be Going A Little Too Far 1

An article published on Mashable today made me think that the Social Networking thing might have reached it’s apex.  Some of the details are listed below, but the jist is that now your Onstar system will read you Facebook posts and allow you to speak into your On-board phone and then transcribe and post your ...

The Facebook Underposter 2

There is a scourge taking over the land of Facebook that must be stopped.  If we band together, we can stop this annoying poster once and for all.  I call this phenomenon the “Underposter” and I am 100% certain that anyone who has more than 2 friends on Facebook has encountered it. What is The ...

Woot Acquired By Amazon 1

This is why I love Woot and always have.  Woot was acquired by Amazon today in another (think Zappos) strong acquisition of a company that just gets what online business is all about.  You can never have too much customer service and creativity as part of your organization.  Read the letter from the CEO to ...