Vacation Planking and Fish Kissing

Vacation Planking and Fish Kissing
The family and I took a trip to the Bay Area last week.  We couldn’t let this opportunity to act silly pass us by.  We did a little outdated planking and I macked down with a mackarel.  Hijinks ensue!                                 ...

I Can’t Wait to Plank

I know I have missed the boat completely, but I can’t wait to get a great planking picture.  I am heading to vacation soon, and my only real thought is to plank somewhere cool.  I think I will get the whole family planking.  A family that planks together, stays together. Planking on the way.

Hardcore Planking

This girl gets blasted while trying to plank in her kitchen.  Then she gets back up and plank, plank, planks again. httpv://