Facebook Burnt Toast Part 1 1

There’s nothing like the smell of burnt Facebook toast in the morning.  We really should all just take lessons from these guys and stop publicly commenting on things.  We weren’t meant for this life.

A Time Traveler in 1928 Charlie Chaplin Film 1

There is evidence of time travel that has been hiding in plain sight for 82 years.  Where has the evidence been hiding?  It’s here in a Charlie Chaplin movie called “The Circus.”  Watch the video and you’ll see it.  There’s a lady who walks onto the frame and she’s talking on her cell phone.  It’s ...

Cloudy With A Chance of … Penis? Really? 1

This guy must have done somebody in the newsroom wrong.  Revenge is best served as a penis the size of Texas.  There is some upside.  He isn’t on the business end of this “situation.”

The McRib Locator – A Slice of Heaven

Full disclosure.  I love McDonalds.  I also know McDonalds will cause my early exit from the earth.  I don’t care.  I was hooked on McD’s at an early age, and that love only intensified when I was able to make my own nutrition (or lack thereof) decision.  I think my love of McDonalds goes back ...

That’s What That Was About? 1

The wife and I stumbled across “Good Will Hunting” on television last week.  It’s one of those great movies that you don’t see for a few years and you forget how good that it really was.  Then you remember how skinny Matt Damon was, and you are shocked at the crazy hair that Casey Affleck ...

Here’s What You Get Facebook Underposter 1

Here's What You Get Facebook Underposter
Aside from the tragic circumstances, this is what you get for Facebook underposting.  Why not say, so and so died suddenly and I am very sad?  Because you like the attention of the underpost.  For that, I say meet Karma as it slaps you in the face.