Gylne Tider Video 1

Amazing video from Norwegian TV show Gylne Tider (Golden Years).  Are you a spare celebrity?  Are you somewhat of a real celebrity?  You are in this video acting silly.  Remember the commercials Bill Murry’s character was shooting in Lost in Translation?  This is like that to the power of a thousand.  Pay attention to the ...

Digital Noise – Our Life 1

Here is a great video that sums up my life for sure.  It never goes away! httpv://

Star Wars: A New Hope in Facebook Thread 1

This is absolute genius.  The entire Star Wars: A New Hope nicely summed up in a Facebook conversation.  When I grow up, I want to be this creative.  There is so much potential for greatness with this concept. Sup bitches!

FLO TV Has Months To Live 1

FLO TV has been given a death sentence.  I am sure that everyone who bought this service couldn’t envision a world without the FLO.  That reality has sadly come to pass.  Service will continue through Spring of 2011 (thanks for the specificity) and then it will go to that farm in the sky where all ...

Dallas Cowboys Forget to Renew 3

Whoops! What else can you say.  Yesterday, when the Dallas Cowboys made even more international news than normal, here is what visitors to were greeted with as they tried to rejoice at the firing of Wade Phillips. I know it seems impossible, but it does happen.  Giant companies forget to renew their domains.  I ...

Facebook Burnt Toast Part II

There’s nothing like the smell of burnt Facebook toast in the morning.  We really should all just take lessons from these guys and stop publicly commenting on things.  We weren’t meant for this life.