Facebook is the Worst Performing IPO of the Decade

Via The Atlantic via Bloomberg.  The change in stock price during the first five days of trading over the last ten years.

I Don’t Understand the Point of Facebook Timeline – Am I Stupid?

I Don't Understand the Point of Facebook Timeline - Am I Stupid?
FACEBOOK TIMELINE – This was like an evil cry that chased me around for months.  I wasn’t sure exactly what timeline was going to be, but I had seen screenshots and read articles about the coming apocalypse.  All I knew a few months ago was that I didn’t want my Facebook experience to be changed ...

The Creepiest Deal of the Day EVER

Wow, is all that I can say.  Can we just admit the Deal O’ the Day thing has jumped the shark?  I’ll write about that another day, but this will be exhibit number one.  Facebook has sent me an offer today to buy a SINGLE ticket to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus.  ...

Have Sad Keanu With You While You Work 1

Have Sad Keanu With You While You Work
Who out there doesn’t love Sad Keanu?  We all love Sad Keanu.  In an exciting development, now you can have Sad Keanu with you while you are working, pretend to be working, cruising Facebook, or even working on more Photoshopped Sad Keanu. Here’s Sad Keanu hanging out with me while I type this post. You ...

Why Would Someone Unfriend Me On Facebook?

I was friends with Billy Bob on Facebook yesterday, but now he is gone.  What happened?  This is a question a lot of people ask themselves in this the age of Facebook.  Why was I unfriended?  There are several reasons this might happen to you, and all of them are non sinister or your fault.  ...

Facebook Burnt Toast Part II

There’s nothing like the smell of burnt Facebook toast in the morning.  We really should all just take lessons from these guys and stop publicly commenting on things.  We weren’t meant for this life.